smart husky dog can say 12 words and sing

I couldn’t believe that Husky dogs can talk ,but after watching this video i now believe that dogs can talk.This Husky dog named “Mishka” and they teached her to say 12 words and  she became very famous .
I love her when it say “hello” &”I Love you” and the best part for me when they ask her “Are You Stupid?” and she answer NOOOOO”.

smart  husky dog
She can also sing and she have a great voice ,so check it out and i hope you enjoy by her singing.Do you have a dog that can talk like Mishka?

“Mishka” became very famous because she can talk and sing as her Facebook page is now 318k fan and she have more than 527k subscribers in Youtube and also more than 16k follower in twitter .

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