(VIDEO) A Heart touching story of a father and son

This short film video of a father and son will melt your heart and will give you a great message .As it tell us in a profound way just how much we must love those closest to us no matter what the condition of their health is.
This Father sit with his son on the bench and he was looking at the sparrow and keep asking his son many times” what is that” ,but his son couldn’t stand his father after asking him a few times “what is that”,while this son asked his father the same question many times when he was 3 years old and his father didn’t annoy from him,as he was so happy by his question.I hope everyone get the message from this short film video and share it.

A Heart touching story of a father and son

This short film video produced by a Greek company called “MovieTeller”  in 2007 and the name of this film is “What is that”  and here is the List of the cast

Father: Nikos Zoiopoulos
Son: Panagiotis Bougiouris

Directed by: Constantin Pilavios
Written by: Nikos & Constantin Pilavios
Director of photography: Zoe Manta
Music by: Christos Triantafillou
Sound by: Teo Babouris
Mixed by: Kostas Varibobiotis

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